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Agenda Topics

- What's new in 9.0
- Grade Suppression (new feature) - Jeff Shultz
- Summer School solutions
- Visual Scheduler
- Database Extensions, Fragments
- Customization show and tell
- Issues with changes to CALPADS
- Master Scheduling
- ReportWorks
- State reporting (by end of March).
- jQuery
- ATN??
- How to manage my customizations?

- Interesting Data Integration Projects
- PowerTools

Next Meeting: February 23, March 2, 2018

Location: TBD

Agenda ideas: Custom Alerts, PowerTeacher Pro, State Reporting, End-of-Year Processing, the new Interactive Achievement PS just bought.

Sponsor ideas: MBA, LevelData, Registration Gateway, CLG, Certica, CareDox, HEROK12, EADMS, Canvas/Instructure, Schoology, SchoolMessenger