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Database Extensions Handout

Updated for the latest in 8 as of September 2014

Building a Plugin from Start to Finish

An example (Vehicle Tracking) of using Database Extensions, Fragments, and building it all into a plugin.


Plugin with all the source files

Add Reset Class Counts to Special Functions

If the section class counts are incorrect, the only solution is to have someone with the correct access run the "Reset Class Counts" operation from the System - Special Operations page. This customization creates a custom page containing ONLY the Reset Class Counts function, and a page fragment adds the link to this new page to the Special Functions screen. Add both of the files below to the admin folder in your custom webroot or CPM.

"Enter Attendance Prev5"

Adds a link right after "Enter Attendance" with the start date as 5 days ago and the end date as 1 day ago, for the purpose of modifying prior days attendance. Our secretary is often working with prior week's attendance on Monday, for example. This makes it easier to get to the prior dates very quickly. Upload this fragment via CPM to the admin/students/ directory.