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Use this page to add any enhancements that you wish other users in our group to vote for. Please provide the link to the correct enhancement request in PowerSource.

Gradebook Reports Customization: Vital information is missing on the Individual Student Reprot in PowerTeacher Gradebook. Adding Counselor Name, Student Number, Grade Level, and Citizenship will be a great idea to identify the correct student (specially students with the same name).

Link: https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/thread/5066?43228

Requested by:
Erik Negroe
San Marino USD
626-299-7000 ext. 254

Electronic Data Collection of Pupil Permanent Record (PR) Information: PowerSource #1681

As specified by the California Code of Regulations (CCRs), there is information that is required to be kept (in perpetuity) as part of each student's permanent record that is not currently in PowerSchool: 1) a field for listing method used to verify pupil's birthdate; 2) address of parent of minor student; 3) address of minor student if different from parent; 4)field to note annual verification of address information.

Adding these fields to PowerSchool would not only allow California school districts to meet CCR requirements for permanent record keeping, but would also allow the elimination of maintaining a hard-copy PR card. It would be extremely helpful if a report could be included as part of this enhancement, allowing the CCR specified permanent record information to be pulled for individual students.

Health Screenings: PowerSource #3080

For those of you that would like to have a search option for your nurses/health aides to filter information on student health screenings, please log into PowerScource (link above) and vote up this enhancement request...#3080

Name a report in the Report Queue Job Detail: PowerSource #1061

Please vote up this enhancement request to be able to rename the reports in the Report Queue list. #1061
Requested by Rick Biggs, Lancaster

Make Entry/Exit Codes Mandatory: PowerScource #4627

This enhancement is requesting that the exit code be made a mandatory field when transferring a student out of school since this record does not get reported to calpads to exit the student until an exit code is present. This causes other various calpads errors when upload other necessary files/criteria. The enhancement also states something about the entry code, but it's purely cosmetic for our district and we do not consider it to be a necessary field since it does not drive anything.