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Topics to discuss:

  1. New file formats: What are the changes?
    • Biggest change is how student enrollments are being handled. Starting with the 14-15 school year, school entry date will be the enrollment entry date. Students will be exited every year, so basically a new enrollment record for each school year. If you have any changes in your enrollment for any previous records (previous years, etc.) get them in before the cut-off for the new system, July 18th. Any changes not made before July 18th will need to be done manually in CALPADS.
    • Grade level field moved to SENR file. Language field moved to a new file.
  2. New exit codes E150 and E155. When is the update going to be released and when should we do end of the year. New exit codes were part of the May 2nd State Reporting release. Map your current codes to the new ones. Use 155 for anyone you would use 440 for. If used for EOY, it will have the correct exit code for the new year.
  3. Program Participation Dates. What are the changes to the Participation vs Eligibility dates? How should we be populating these fields. The details are not fully worked out - Wyatt is working with Kerry and there isn't an answer at this time. Will pass the information on as soon as he has an answer.
  4. Is Exit Code E155 replacing E440? How is PS handling CALPADS request about exiting all students at the end of the year, other than running the end of year process? Yes, you will now want to use E155 instead of E440 for any student expected to return to the same school. Change the mapping to E155. Using E155 will take care of State requirements. 150 exit code is used for students who are transferring mid-year, such as changing grade levels after school starts. Wyatt is double-checking the exit code for 6th graders going into junior high.
  5. How is PS planning on implementing these new annual exit codes? Will we enter them when running the EOY process or will there be an additional step to EOY? However you handled E440 will be how you use E155; the process will not change overall. (Most students will be a 155.) Same process for graduating students. The main change is how the State is handling your data.
  6. Can "participating" and "eligible" Program 144 records remain open ended (0/0/0 end date) across academic years? Relates to Programs, refer to answer on #3.
  7. Can "participating" Program 101 records remain open ended (0/0/0 end date) across academic years? Relates to Programs, refer to answer on #3.
  8. Can "participating" Program 101 records have and open date in one academic year and and end date in another (future) academic year? Relates to Programs, refer to answer on #3.
  9. With the upcoming new Programs (190, 191), will those residence options be removed from the information pages, or will we double enter this information for a period of time? Probably not going to remove anything from the page immediately, but if it's a field they can reuse it may happen, but it won't happen right away. Just like the CSIS fields, notice will be given before they go away.
  10. Since LEP is no longer being measured, are we still populating the "Proficient for Advanced for ELA Code"? {This was marked NO from the day a student moved to RFEP and moved to YES after 3 non-cumulative years of proficient testing}. Wyatt presented this question to Kerry - may be a question more for the State then for PowerSchool.
  11. What is the planned timeline/roll out for updating the CALPADS extract files and making the new Student English Language Acquisition file available? Goal is for new roll-over sometime in July (25th?) - PowerSchool will be doing some internal testing with the State (at the States request) working with a few districts and their data.
  12. What is the timeline for implementing all other CALPADS changes (i.e. removal of primary residency field, removal of school entry date field)? Not immediately - as development work is done, determination will be made as to which ones are no longer needed. Plenty of notice will be given before any fields are deprecated. Deprecation notifications will start coming out as early as July.
  13. We have two schools that will be merging next year (a middle school and a high school). Although they will technically be one LEA, we will be keeping the school separate in PowerSchool. Is there a way for us to pull the CALPADS extract files for both schools together? Wyatt didn't have a chance to fully research the answer to this. One school had to do this last year and the process was to transfer the students to the other school and then they are treated as transfer students. Wyatt will do more research to see if there is a better option as that process is not the best. Another school did it by combining their submission files and change the school code on the one being merged in before they submitted the file to CALPADS.
  14. We’d like to know more about summer school and state reporting. For the first time since we’ve been on PS, our district wants to have summer school start 3 days after 2013-14 ends. We heard that we must complete all reports, including state reports, before the transfer process. Is there a way to continue working on CALPAD’s end-of-year data even after summer school begin? Wyatt suggested possibly using a separate server. Will get back with a final answer.

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