1st Meeting Q&A follow-up

Here is a consolidated follow-up report of some questions that came up during our first meeting a couple of weeks ago. Hope it's of benefit.

Roger Sprik
Valley Christian Schools

1. With the notification feature in PowerTeacher 2.3, when a student appears in the added section, does the teacher have to confirm anything in order for the student to appear on the roster?

A: Teacher does not need to do anything to confirm or to get kids to appear. After viewing the notification, if they click close on the notifications window, then all of the notifications on that screen will get marked as read (similar to email). If they cancel, or check leave unread, then the students will still appear in bold, and will still be counted in the number of notifications. However, there is nothing they need to do to get the kids to appear.

2. Does the preferred names column in PT cross-pollinate to other teachers gradebook, or is it self-contained to that teacher only?
A: This is just for the teacher for that section not for other teachers / sections. In my Spanish class, I might use preferred name as Spanish Name, vs. other uses for other sections. I can copy to my other sections as needed, but not to another teachers sections. However, this info stays with the section. If teacher A leaves, and teacher B takes over the section, they will retain all of the column info, including preferred names and extra column data.

3. API in PowerTeacher (is this part of the new release)? Is there an API user-interface tool for teachers? Will teachers have the ability to mass import assignment scores from other applications (i.e, Moodle, Data Director or Oars) and have it populate as an assignment

A: This is part of the release. It is not a tool for teachers though,it is a tool for 3rd party applications to create assignments and scores into PowerTeacher.

4. Can languages be exported out to other applications?

A: Language packs can be exported out, and imported into PS.
If you have a translation of PowerSchool in French (for example), what other application would you export that to? You can export it out to excel, and from there use the file to help you translate other applications.

5. We have some schools that are using Docufide (sp), as a way to request/submit transcripts. Will this work with NTC?
A: Docufide is a competitor of NTC, Docufide uses their own service, Secure Transcript, which manages the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student records for K-12 and postsecondary institutions nationwide.

PowerSchool partnered with NTC allows PowerSchool schools to manage the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student records for K-12 institutions nationwide.

We are currently working to develop of the transcript functionality which would allow PowerSchool users (admin/registrars/parents/students...) to manage the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student transcripts to K-12 and postsecondary institutions nationwide.

6. Do schools have to partner with NTC in order to request data? If schools do not partner with NTC, then who do they request transcripts from? Is there a fee?

A: PowerSchool schools are automatically partnered with NTC when they register for use of the Record and Transcript Exchange service within the PowerSchool application. There currently is no fee for the student record exchange portion of the service

7. Due to firewall, we do not allow teachers to access YouTube. Can Pearson post videos on Teachertube or Schooltube?
A: This is a good idea and has been submitted to Marketing.